Covid 19 Action Plan – Ballyknocken House

Important Covid Guidelines

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests and our team we have created the below Covid 19 policy /action plan in line with the HSE & HSA recommendations and government regulations. To ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests and staff, we must work together by adhering to these new measures.

Outlined below are our procedures which underpin our commitment to you and what you can expect of us, and us of you during your time here.

Covid Vaccination Certificate appreciated.


  • Please use the hand sanitiser that is provided as you enter and leave the buildings
  • A face mask must be worn in all indoor communal areas of Ballyknocken House and Cookery school
  • We will have your keys sanitised and will be in your room door ready for use
  • The reception area is covered by a screen
  • Our colleagues will observe social distancing whilst checking you in and out and we will try to facilitate self-check in as much as possible
  • Contactless payment options will be available

Communal Areas

  • A face mask must be worn in all indoor communal areas of Ballyknocken House and Cookery school
  • Vigorous and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces and touch points is being carried out throughout the Ballyknocken House governed by strict cleaning schedules.
  • We have clearly noted the max capacity of each communal rooms of Ballyknocken House we ask that you exercise personal responsibility to ensure social distancing is upheld.
  • Doorways will be left open where allowed to reduce contact.
  • We ask that you respect the guidance or advice issued by management & team members whilst with us


  • A thorough and comprehensive cleaning and disinfection program is in place for all guest bedrooms and bathrooms in preparation for your arrival with further additional attention being given to all touch points throughout.
  • All additional collateral, furnishings and non-essential items will be removed from our bedrooms; so we can focus on the highest levels of cleanliness.
  • Linens will be handled with extreme care to prevent raising dust and potential contamination; used linen will be washed at a minimum of 70°C for at least 25 mins to kill potential bacteria.
  • Newspapers, magazines and collateral will be removed from guestrooms and public areas, in preference to complimentary Wi-Fi in public areas to allow our guest access these facilities through mobile devices.
  • It is respectfully requested that guests do not enter bedrooms or apartments of fellow guests, and enter only those to which they are assigned.


  • The wearing of face coverings by guests has become mandatory in all indoor areas, please do not remove your mask until you are seated at your dining table, masks must be worn on leaving your seat.
  • In room dining services will not be available.
  • Dinner menus will be removed from tables and disposed of after each meal.
  • Tableware including all used and unused wares, condiments and linens will be removed and disinfected after each party has left.
  • Table tops and chair arms will be disinfected after each seating.

 Thank you and have a great stay.


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