Catherine’s Eat Like An Italian: Recipes For The Good Life

Eat Like An Italian

How is it that Italians live so well? How do they have time for long, leisurely mealtimes with friends and family?

Why do they have such strict rules and routine when it comes to eating?

They refuse to compromise when it comes to food.

Italians eat with the regions and seasons and they respect the importance of mealtimes: work, family, life all revolve around food.
According to Catherine Fulvio, the Italian diet and approach to food is a lifestyle lesson to us all on how to relax and enjoy our food moments.

In Eat Like an Italian, Catherine Fulvio shows you how to experience this as she celebrates all that is great about Italian food and food culture with over 100 new recipes for the good life.
With mouth-watering food photography and lifestyle shots, each chapter includes Catherine’s warm and chatty stories about Italy and her Italian family.
She also shows you how to use the best of Irish ingredients in Italian recipes.
Get ready to enjoy la dolce vita!

Catherine’s Eat Like An Italian: Recipes For The Good Life


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